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Good stuff on Netflix UK

I’ve had Netflix now for a while and found myself getting a bit bored of it every so often. I do either two things, watch something really random or come online and search for what others recommend. So here’s my guide, which is a mix of the two – Good stuff on Netflix UK that I’ve randomly found or just highly recommend.

I’ll break this down into Categories…



So you’ve watched all of Breaking Bad and now you’re thinking, what next? Well… here’s what I’d recommend:

LilyhammerFan of ‘The Sopranos”? You’ll love this then. Starring, Steven Van Zandt (Silvio in The Sopranos), Lilyhammer is the story of a tough guy mafiosi who has turned ‘rat’ and been relocated for his safety… obviously, to Lilyhammer in Norway. His character is Silvio meets Tony Soprano, hard, respectful but plays by his own rules and gets his own way. Mix the mafia attitude with Norwegian lifestyle and the result is a funny, quirky, strange drama that’s utterly compelling! Be warned, it’s half Norwegian (subtitled) and half English.

CalifornicationI’m sure everyone will have seen Californication by now, but seriously if you haven’t, stop reading and go watch Californication. David Duchovny plays ‘Hank Moody’, a rock and roll writer who men want to be and woman want to be with. He’s an arsehole and he knows it. Californication is made brilliant however, by Hank’s agent and uber fan of masturbating, Charlie Runkle. Go watch!

KingdomWho doesn’t like Stephen Fry? Well, Kingdom is a quirky British comedy drama starring Stephen Fry as a lawyer. Sounds boring, but it’s like a detective drama… basically, it’s what ‘Swallow’ could have been, and it puts Norwich on the map.



Nighty NightNighty Night is a british sitcom starring Julia Davis and some other brit-com stalwarts such as Angus Deaton (One foot in the grave), Kevin Eldon (Big Train), Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen), Ruth Jones (Gavin and Stacey) and Rebecca Front (Big Train). It’s VERY dark, Julia Davis’ character is, how to I say this… a fucking head case. It makes for brilliant sitcom though and is a must watch!

15 Storeys HighI Honestly can’t tell you if this was popular on ‘normal’ TV, nor do I really care. However, I’ve never spoken to anyone who has seen it! Basically, Sean Lock (comedian) lives in a flat with a strange little Chinese flatmate, much hilarity ensues… It’s odd ball, but that’s what makes good comedy.

The Sarah Silverman ProgramI think Sarah Silverman is awesome. She’s funny and, dare I use this word: Kooky. This program is weird, and brilliantly funny. Sarah’s obviously very funny, playing a parody of herself but it’s the supporting cast of her sister’s boyfriend and her two big gay ginger neighbours that really steal the show.

WhitesThis was a brit-com on BBC a while back and I watched it at the time, but recently revisited. Alan Davies is brilliant in it, but another stalwart of British sitcom Darren Boyd steals the show as his hapless sous chef.

Archer: If you like Family Guy etc… you’ll LOVE Archer. Voiced by H Jon Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy), Archer is a maverick special agent who drinks and sleeps about. It’s a mix of new technologies with 80’s computers and mobiles. Genius and hilarious.

Don’t forget as well, there’s always stuff like The League of Gentleman, Fawlty Towers, Father Ted, The Royle Family and Peep Show and of course ‘The Office’ and Extras to be feasting on…



The RaidWhat’s that? You’re not a fan of incredibly violent martial arts films with lots of guns? Don’t watch this then. However, if you like gritty stories of survival, violence and incredible choreography, then watch this film.

Requiem for a Dream*whimpers* Drugs. Drugs and more drugs, an incredible look into the slippery slope of narcotics.

Youth in RevoltEver since ‘Superbad’ I’ve really like Michael Cera. He’s awesome in Juno too and he’s awesome in this. A very similar role, although he has a dark side. It’s not a film that’s going to change the world, but it’s a sweet little number that’s well worth a watch if you like the aforementioned movies.

 Office SpaceOne of the all time great movies. Fact.


Of course, there are so many more gems that it’s not worth mentioning them all. I’ll add to this as and when I think of things I’ve watched and forgotten about though!