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Happy new year!

Hello folks!

Firstly, a big Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. My decorations are still up, please don’t make me take them down… not because I can’t be bothered (… although that is a factor) but because I just love Christmas lights. :)

Anyway, I thought I’d write a little NY blog. Every year I tell myself that I’ll blog more or just write more in general and it never seems to happen (with that in mind, welcome to my first, and probably penultimate blog of the year… :/ ). Resolutions are so easy to make and yet so much more easy to break; why is it that we need to change our calendars in order to make changes in our lives? In truth, we don’t, it’s just a convenient excuse to make empty promises to ourselves.

Anyway, I’m going to make empty promises to myself and actually try and stick to them, after all, I’m turning 30 this year and it’s time to get serious.

So, these aren’t ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ per se, more achievements I hope to fulfil in the year I turn 30.

1. Start wearing a watch

  • I’ve never been much of a watch wearer or really seen the point, but it’s one of those things that ‘make a man’ so I’m going to give it a go. I do currently have a shiny new watch on my wrist.

2. Write my sketch show

  • Sounds ridiculous, and I can hardly call it a ‘show’, but over the last year or so, I’ve been e-mailing myself ideas for comedy sketches on a regular basis. I keep promising myself to actually write them up – hopefully once that’s done, I can get some filmed!

3. Visit Dad in Spain

  • My Dad has a house in Spain, this is kind of a no brainer.

4. Upgrade my car.

  • This is my car:



5. Start a band.

  • I’ve played hundred and hundreds of gigs up and down the country, from primary school fetes to headlining the Liverpool Cavern and tiny pubs to Wembley arena. I’m a good musician who just doesn’t do it anymore. I keep telling myself I don’t have time for it, yet my Fifa Career Mode save file would say otherwise…

6. Record an EP.

  • As above!

7. Get a bit more fit and run a 10k

  • I did get quite fit in 2013, then I just ballsed up and let all my hard work go to ‘waist’.  It’s a huge cliche, to look to get fit in the New Year, but I’m being realistic. I just mean go to the gym a bit more, keep playing Squash and finally manage to run a 10k… so far, I’ve run/walked an 8k and can manage a 5/6k normally.

8. Grow a beard.

  • I’m turning 30… let me have this.

9. Earn some money away from work.

  • I’m good at some stuff, time to try make money out of it :P

10. Generally be more positive, say yes more, spend more time with friends and take opportunities.

  • This is probably 3, but I didn’t want to destroy the ‘perfect 10’. I’ve been more positive about as much as I can for a while now and I love it. If someone wins on a scratchcard you were about to buy, be happy for them, not bitter. If you miss the boat and have to wait an hour, take the time to do some reading. It’s not always easy to be positive, but once you get into it, it makes you a far happier person. This kinda leads to the idea (thanks Danny Wallace!) of saying yes more and taking opportunities.


This list is fairly irrelevant to anyone but me, I’m aware of that, but if you have read this, hopefully it gives you some ideas to make the most of 2014 and make changes in your life, new calendar or otherwise.


Happy new year folks, you look lovely today.

T x