RIP Neil Armstrong

I LOVE Astronauts. I can’t think of anything cooler than BEING in Space… Actually being in Space… that’s mental.

I would have loved to have been alive, or been old enough to appreciate the days when we, as the human race, where conquering space; not just putting men into orbit but landing them on other planets and safely bringing them home. It must have been an incredible time.

I can’t think of anything that will be a bigger step for us as mankind than that first step on the moon… Mars maybe, but it won’t be that first magic step on truly foreign grounds. I will be watching intently if and when we do however and I promise you that that man or woman will then enter my own personal hall of fame.

Today, however, we mourn the loss of the greatest of all the astronauts. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

In the grand scheme of things, this is one small loss of (a) man, one giant loss for mankind.

RIP Neil… Legends never die.


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