A Town Called Hangshaw – by Jody Neil Ruth

Before we start, this is a book review… well, a short story review, which is in a book.


I haven’t reviewed a book on here before, or indeed a short story, and I’m not going to be making this a regular feature. Mostly because you can’t make regular features out of managing to finish one book in every so often. I’ve turned into quite a lazy reader. It’s honestly not my fault.


By the way, so that this isn’t my first ever book review, I’ll tell you I’ve just finished Charlotte Street by the absolutely lovely Danny Wallace. Go read it, it’s good… if I was a teacher I’d say: Charlotte Street by the absolutely lovely Danny Wallace is good, go read it. (You’ll get that if you read the book.)


Anyway, I’m not here to talk about Danny Wallace, I’m here to talk about Jody Neil Ruth. Why? I presume some of you probably aren’t asking but I’ll answer anyway. Well, I like Jody Ruth and I really liked his short story – simple.


Hangshaw is a Wild West themed zombie short story. Apart from The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar by Roald Dahl, oh and my own, I don’t think I’ve ever read many short stories. On that note, I’ve also never read a zombie story or a wild west one. This one though, was excellent. Despite the main character making me hungry every time I read his name, Bergervin (Burger Van…. anyone….? anyone…? Bueller?), he is well explained and well introduced in a short period of time, which helps, being a short story.


As I said in the start of this little demi-review, I’m not a reviewer of books, or short stories, or children’s toys. I didn’t add that, but I’m not. All I’ll say is, A Town Called Hangshaw, taken from a collection of wild west horror stories called, cleverly, A Fistful of Horrors, is awesome. It takes the length of a Wightlink Catamaran journey to read (tried and tested…) and is fun, funny, interesting and original. So yea, go read it – buy it on kindle or something.


I hope this has been helpful, although I will imagine, probably not.

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