I intend to celebrate Halloween today in the same way we used to 20 years ago… by not celebrating it at all.

We seem to have fallen right into Hallmark/Clinton’s etc… traps and become a society obsessed with this so called ‘holiday’. Just remember, it stems from satanic rituals and some very dark origins. Granted, I celebrate christmas yet I’m not christian… however christmas celebrates family and love and being together.

Don’t spend a fortune on wasting pumpkins, tacky plastic crap and costumes; spend that money on something nice or give it to those who really need it.

Also, don’t encourage your kids to knock on the doors of perfect strangers asking for sweets or risk getting ‘tricked’. This is something I would hope you actively discourage your children from doing every other day of the year. Developing minds can’t cope with mixed signals; that’s just bad parenting.That could be the next Jimmy Savile’s door.

Enjoy your wednesday people. x

One thought on “Halloween

  1. Wikipedia has some interesting information on the origins of the dark & satanic ritual of Halloween you might want to take a peek at Mr Tippers! & although I think T or T is wrong it’s a large step from that to Dirty Savile!!

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