An Open Letter to Parents

An open letter to parents…

Now that the Olympics are over, I urge you to take a look at your children’s heroes. Over the last two weeks, we have pulled together as a country to support our nations athletes. Prior to that we lined the streets to watch good, decent and often brave and courageous people of all ages run with the Olympic flame.

We have all sat with our hearts in our mouths as Mo Farrah won the gold in the 10,000, Jessica Ennis completed an incredible victory in the Heptathlon or young Laura Trott won TWO Olympic Gold Medals at only 20. I would imagine you have seen your kids cheering them on, hopefully having an invigorated love of sports.

Now think about what you’ll be watching over the next two weeks. Will it be Big Brother? Will it be soaps or programs about celebrity wannabes with no real value to add to society? Kids are very impressionable. It takes one moment in a child’s life to see something or someone and say, “Yes, that’s who I want to be!”

Which of the following people do you think is more aspirational and more suitable for you child to grow up idolising and trying to emulate?

Amy Childs

Born 1990
Appeared in The Only Way is Essex
Came Fourth in Celebrity Big Brother
At time of writing dating a contestant from Take Me Out
Featured on many magazine covers including ‘Lads Mags’ Loaded and FHM and Gossip Magazines such as New! (Discussing her new fake breasts) and OK!Extra (Free with The Daily Star, discussing one of many heartbreaks)
Left school with 4 GCSEs
Has a Level Two and Three Diploma in Beauty Specialised Techniques

Jessica Ennis

Born 1986
Commonwealth Games 2006 – Heptathlon Bronze
Summer Universiade 2005 – Heptathlon Bronze
European Championships 2010 – Heptathlon Gold
World Indoor Championships 2010 – Pentathlon Gold
World Indoor Championships 2012 – Pentathlon Silver
World Championships 2009 – Heptathlon Gold
World Championships 2011 – Heptathlon Silver
Olympic Games 2012 – Heptathlon Gold
Current British National record holder for the Heptathlon, the indoor Pentathlon, the High Jump and the 100m Hurdles
Engaged to long term partner
Patron of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital charity and a Sports Foundation
Ambassador for the Jaguar Academy of Sport
She writes a column for the Times Newspaper
She has been features on magazine covers such as Cosmopolitan (On Fighting for her dream) and Time Magazine.
Jessica completed her GCSES, gained 3 A Levels and a Degree in Psychology.


I only speak for myself… but I know that if and when I have a daughter, I know who I would rather she turn out like. We shape our children’s future, we shape the future generation, we shape the future. I could do a similar comparison for any number of the boys/men as well but you get my point.

Now is your turn parents… inspire a generation; inspire YOUR generation, inspire the next generation.

Don’t let Great Britain become one big episode of Jeremy Kyle or Booze Britain in the next 20 years. Turn off the trash TV, don’t buy the trash mag, take your kids to the park. You might just enjoy it too!

I welcome your thoughts on this!

Peace and love,


12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Parents

  1. Fantastic Tim- wonder if I could copy this letter for newsletter at Ryde Academy and Haylands Newsletter? You could contact them and ask them to put this in or I can- let me know(-:

  2. Britain isn’t great & it has been a big episode of the programmes you mention for at least the last 10yrs already. Also how condescending are you?

    1. Without wanting to be even more condescending, that didn’t really make sense. It’s sad that you see this post as condescending though although I can appreciate where you’re coming from. I’m merely trying to express my thoughts that Britain is getting worse and there’s only one way to fix that, to inspire the next generation. I hope the Olympics and such events did that, but it has to be on going.

      By the way, well done for replying anonymously using the name Amy C… that made me smile. Have a nice afternoon, I hope you can get out and enjoy the sun! :)

  3. So very apt Tim. its nice to see its not just the oldies that think that way. How can you not admire someone like Mo Farrah, Jessica Ennis, Laura Trott, and all those wonderful athletes that give their all to achieve the highest echelon they can. These people are triers and workers. They don’t wait around to be given status and expect it on plate. They are the perfect role models for today’s kids. Long may they reign.!!!!!

  4. I know the point being made here but I’m sure Amy would not be happy to see herself portrayed in this way? We all have things in our past which we would rather not see made public. We are all on a journey and even those who can’t achieve great goals, either in sport or academically, can be proud of what they do achieve. Many so called ‘successful’ people in the eyes of the world have trampled others underfoot and have no thought for the casualties they leave in their wake. We are all loved by God and there is only really one role model whom we should aspire to emulate and His name is Jesus. All that aside I love you Tim lad and am so very proud of the energy and enthusiasm you put into all you do and the imaginative and creative way you come up with ideas however controversial. xx

    1. Dad, If Amy didn’t want to see herself portrayed in this way then why does SHE portray herself in that way? We all make choices, she made the choice to be a plastic celebrity known for nothing more than falling drunk out of nightclubs. The point you make about successful people trampling on others is totally true, but that’s nothing to do with the point I’m trying to make. I’m trying to make the point about role models for future generations… Do you think Jessica Ennis has trampled over people to achieve her Gold Medals etc? No, she woke up early, she worked hard, she stayed out of trouble, she got her head down and knuckled in to become the best she can be.

      All I’m saying, is that our future generations need to be looking at people like Jess, Tom Daley, Mo Farrah etc for inspiration, not celebrity wannabes who don’t want to add anything good to the world, they just want attention and money. Many of whom turn to drugs, do more and more things to make the papers and who are mostly very empty inside.

      Also Dad, I appreciate your Christian views, but Jesus isn’t a role model for todays kids. I would absolutely agree with kids taking on a Christian teaching and living by Chrisitan guidelines, be kind to one another etc… but kids need someone they can look to to say, I want that to be me. They have posters of those people on their walls and they pretend to be them in the park.

      If and when I have a daughter, I’d rather see her running through the park saying “I’m Jessica Ennis! I can run fast!” than “I’m Jordan!! I’ve slept with lots of men, get drunk and get my tits out!”

  5. And more importantly, hope that they don’t meet a man like me.

    But very well written and put, Tim. I agree with all of the above. Alas, my daughter seems to be heading the way of Childs…

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