An Angry Expression of a Possibly Dismal Future

As a species we educate over time,

We learn new words and then make them rhyme.

We invented the cart and the wheel

Learned to build and to steal

We made cars and then trains

built the bombs dropped from planes

Made the microchip and computers

filled tube trains with commuters

I’m not so subtly hinting

My rose glasses need some tinting…

Strong metaphors of disaster

No longer heard by a master

Are we improving our brains over time?

As we embrace such stupidity and crime?

I ask, when did it become so cool to be dumb?

Rows of pupils, empty and numb.

The Facebook generation seeks to go viral

A whole generation in a downward spiral.

We used to strive for glory and respect

But glory’s gone, our hope’s ship wrecked.

Bullying is fun, we laughed as they cried

But no one expects them to commit suicide

But still there’s no empathy

No thought, care of sympathy

As long as your Instagram has 1000’s of likes

You’ve smashed a shop window and stolen some nikes

Your hero can’t even spell his own name

But he’s just a pawn in the business man’s game

Of the rich getting richer

of a lifestyle of fame, money and cars

and painting the picture

That the poor can envy, whilst fighting in bars

Let me stop here a second

Maybe I’m exaggerating, it’s not all that bad

This is temporary? A moronic fad.

The kids that think the Titanic was just a movie

or post very public snapchats of themselves getting groovy.

Those that can’t name a european city

Or think politics is just boring and shitty

Those kids who have kids and more kids

Whose kids have kids have kids have kids.

All within about a 15 year span

But I’d be a facist to suggest, some sort of ban.

I know we all grow into adult life

we change, we live, get a husband or wife.

But I can’t see that from this group of kids now

More obsessed with selfies, than what, why or how.

I’m probably just a self righteous old miser.

But our future’s fucked, unless this generation gets wiser.

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