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I do a bit of acting… As and when things become available they will be posted below. To date:

Tim in ‘Don’t Forget The Milk’
– Written by Tippers Pritchard
– Currently in Production

Jack/Alter Ego in ‘Amnesia’
– Written by Jack Tann
– Filmed in 2016

Tom in ‘Boxes’
– Directed by Connor Cleary
– Filming in 2016

John Winston in ‘The Perfect Twenty’
– Written and directed by Steve Morley and Tippers
– Entered into ‘DV Mission 2015’ – a 48 hour short film competition
– We were given the title, a line of dialogue (Shatner don’t surf) and the genre (Cyber punk)

Un-named Lead in ‘Dealing with Death’
– Produced by 6Side Media
– An entry into a 48 hour film competition
– A short black comedy film about waking up and finding a corpse

Lou in ‘Lou won’t make it’
– Written and directed by Attila Csak.
– Produced by Steve Morley.
– A short film about a fixer named Lou.

James in ‘There is no I in us’
– Storyline and Directed by Melina Georgio
– Adlibbed script
– A student comedy short about relationships

Marek in ‘The Evening was Long’
– Written and Directed by Joasia Goldyn
– Produced by Daniel Demissie
– An NFTS short drama

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