Happy New Year!

Hello folks! Firstly, a big Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. My decorations are still up, please don’t make me take them down… not because I can’t be bothered (… although that is a factor) but because I just love Christmas lights. :) Anyway, I thought I’d …

Gareth Icke Clone

Gareth Icke Photoshoot

So today I had a photoshoot with Gareth Icke, or G as I’ve known him better for the last god knows how many years.   For the shots you see in a field, we really suffered for our art. We both suffer quite badly from hay fever and this field was like glastonbury for little …

Good stuff on Netflix UK

I’ve had Netflix now for a while and found myself getting a bit bored of it every so often. I do either two things, watch something really random or come online and search for what others recommend. So here’s my guide, which is a mix of the two – Good stuff on Netflix UK that …

Erin and Zach

Erin and Zach

This was from a photoshoot I did with the lovely Zach and Erin for Gareth Icke’s single, ‘What’s love without meaning?’. Erin and Zach are his niece and nephew. I thought this pic perfectly summed up the single’s title.


Walk in the snow

I went for a walk in the snow we had early 2013 and saw this girl running her hand along the wall. I don’t know the girl, if it’s you then get in touch and I’ll buy you a curly wurly… not in a predatorial way, just to say thank you for being an unwitting model.

Posts on the pier

Posts up the pier

Coming back from a mainland trip I was walking down the pier as the sun was setting. I loved the way the sun shone across the bay with these posts silhouetted in front.

Photo Shoot offer for Isle of Wight Bands

Hey bands! I’m offering some photo shoots for bands, now is a great time to do it as we’ve got good weather. Shoots can be indoor or out and I will travel to any IOW location. I will work with you before hand to decide on the best locations/styles to suit your musical style and …