Mantelpiecing Dad’s House

Mantelpiecing – [man-tel-pee-sing] Verb – To bring a foreign photo, sometimes pre framed, to someone’s house and leaving it in amongst their own photos, usually on a mantelpiece or dresser.  A while back, when I used to go on tour quite a lot, my brother told me about Mantelpiecing, which, you will see I’ve cleverly …

I was royally dicked about

Hey all,   So this blog was written in a fair amount of anger, a couple of months ago. I noticed today that the company this blog involves have been advertising for new members of staff, this proves I was straight lied to, so, after sitting on it for months, I’ve decided to post it. …

Happy New Year!

Hello folks! Firstly, a big Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. My decorations are still up, please don’t make me take them down… not because I can’t be bothered (… although that is a factor) but because I just love Christmas lights. :) Anyway, I thought I’d …

Gareth Icke Clone

Gareth Icke Photoshoot

So today I had a photoshoot with Gareth Icke, or G as I’ve known him better for the last god knows how many years.   For the shots you see in a field, we really suffered for our art. We both suffer quite badly from hay fever and this field was like glastonbury for little …

Good stuff on Netflix UK

I’ve had Netflix now for a while and found myself getting a bit bored of it every so often. I do either two things, watch something really random or come online and search for what others recommend. So here’s my guide, which is a mix of the two – Good stuff on Netflix UK that …

Erin and Zach

Erin and Zach

This was from a photoshoot I did with the lovely Zach and Erin for Gareth Icke’s single, ‘What’s love without meaning?’. Erin and Zach are his niece and nephew. I thought this pic perfectly summed up the single’s title.


Walk in the snow

I went for a walk in the snow we had early 2013 and saw this girl running her hand along the wall. I don’t know the girl, if it’s you then get in touch and I’ll buy you a curly wurly… not in a predatorial way, just to say thank you for being an unwitting model.